Q: What is a “channeled” reading?

A: A channeled reading is one in which I offer myself as a channel for Spirit to speak through me. I am what’s called a “conscious channel,” meaning that I work in a light meditative state, but am present to hear the reading. My voice may sound the same, but my manner of speaking and pattern of speech will be slightly different. I may open my eyes and come in occasionally, as needed. Typically, the entities whom I channel are my group of spirit guides (consulting with your guides, angels, and teachers), as well as archangels and other beings of Light.

This type of reading is more of a one-way communication, where I am speaking the information to you as it flows to me. You are encouraged to ask questions in all readings with me, but usually people wait to ask questions in a channeled reading until there is a break in the “flow.” Often, the guides will end a point or a topic by asking you, “Does this make sense?” or “Is this not so?” (i.e., “Isn’t that true?”). This is partly to maintain clarity and partly to encourage you to participate. Sometimes, after the channeled reading, I will share with you any pertinent images that I saw while I was channeling, if the guides don’t mention them during the reading.

This type of reading is often used for longer sessions (i.e., an hour or more) but it also depends on you and the type of issues being discussed.

Q: How are your “psychic readings” different from your channeled readings?

A: A psychic or intuitive reading is one in which I work with my eyes closed when I am “tuning in,” but I also work with my eyes open, much more so than during a channeled reading. It is more of a conversation with you, where a channeled reading is more of a one-way communication. I am getting the information from the same Spirit sources as I do for a channeled reading, but the information often comes to me in the form of feelings and pictures, instead of mainly a flow of words and thoughts. This type of reading is usually employed by me for shorter sessions (i.e., 30 minutes and at parties). As always, however, I rely on Spirit to direct the form and function of the reading and to choose which style or combination of styles is most appropriate.

Q: What is a “medium” and what happens in a reading where mediumship is used?

A: A medium is anyone who is serving as the link between those on Earth and those on the “other side” — i.e., those known to you who have “passed on” or “transitioned.” (I don’t like to say that they “died,” because the soul doesn’t die. The person’s spirit is very much alive; they are just in another dimension.) A medium is a liaison, a “middleman” who talks to both worlds. During a reading, we say that the reader is “performing mediumship” if he/she is talking to a deceased loved one or acquaintance who has gone to the other side. I don’t use this term when talking about communicating with your spirit guides or angels, although technically they are also “on the other side.” Conversely, I would usually not channel a deceased loved one by inviting them to share my body and energy with me.

During a mediumship reading, you may ask me to call in certain persons who have passed on, with whom you wish to connect. Bringing a photo of them or a possession of theirs will also help me connect with their energy, too. But even telling me their first name, and what their relationship was to you, will be enough. Sometimes, departed loved ones will make their presence known to me without you asking; they want to pop in to say “Hi,” let you know they’re OK, or tell you they’ve been watching over you and/or other relatives. Sometimes, they have an important message to share or a question to answer for you.

Q: Why is it important for me to be “open” and to participate during my reading?

A: I understand that clients may want to hear “proof” that the reader is getting accurate information, and therefore may wish to withhold facts from the reader until the reader has confirmed these details. However, it is detrimental to the reading for the client to be passive and unresponsive throughout the entire reading. When I share information during a reading, I expect the client to respond and confirm that the information is correct and is understood. And conversely, if the information doesn’t sound right or is not clear, it is important for the client to bring this up immediately, so the message can be re-worded, clarified, and explained if necessary. Usually, misinformation is actually just misunderstanding, or a problem of semantics.

I receive intuitive information in multiple ways; I liken it to a holographic experience, where I am getting information via visuals, words, thoughts, emotions, and even body sensations — simultaneously. I strive to translate to the client the multiple input streams I am getting, ideally without interpretation on my part (only if I am given the meaning directly by my Spirit helpers). This can be a challenging  task, and if the client is not willing to react or respond to the information presented, it makes it difficult to continue capturing the information stream. Also, it implies that there is a lack of trust on the part of the client, which inhibits the creation of the relationship during the reading.

I don’t mind being “tested” in the initial phase of the reading, or when first being given a new topic, but once I have connected with the information and delivered it, I expect there to be a dialogue between the client and I that continues throughout the reading. And eventually, as the reading progresses, the information presented will be recognized at a soul level as Truth — so that there is no need for skepticism or doubt.

And ultimately, in the case of future predictions, there is no way to “prove” that a prediction is accurate. Usually, I am given probabilities (as numerical percentages) for the likelihood that the predicted outcome will take place. The reason for this is because free will, both yours and that of the other participants in your future, may cause changes that affect the outcome.