During the taping of my segment of the HGTV “House Hunters” episode at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor, summer 2013.

I thought I would share this with you because it is very new to me and I think it may have to do something with meeting you yesterday. I didn’t mention that I have always had a feeling of my body not being mine (if that makes any sense). I’ve always had a heaviness in my gut and a feeling that I’m not in “my” body. Having tried to explain this to numerous people and actually a couple of doctors before, with blank stares in return, this just became my normal feeling.
After my reading with you yesterday, though, my gut actually feels almost empty. It’s an odd sensation. And, I also feel that this body is more mine than not (again, if this makes any sense). I feel like this is a good thing!!! Thank you again for everything :)
— S.F., Detroit (new client)

The reading with you turned out to be really big for me. I can’t overstate how much good it did me. Among other things, it was totally revitalizing. Thank you, thank you.
You are a talented medium and intuitive, and I love the way you work. I will be back in time, I’m sure.
— A.G., Ann Arbor, MI (new client)

Amy is amazing! I had a couple of readings with her and they actually showed me the path I was supposed to be taking as well as cleared up a lot of questions and concerns I was having! And I also wanted to thank you again for guiding me through the past-life regression. That was an amazing experience. Just wow!
— C.B., Clinton, MI (new client)

I have to tell you, Amy, the reading you gave me changed my life! I can’t tell you how much more calm I am — now I am self-assured, I feel confident, I don’t feel crazed or out of control or scared. I can’t thank you enough, I mean really it was incredible! I really thank you and I appreciate that and appreciate you, thank you thank you thank you!
— M.G., Ypsilanti, MI (repeat client)

The last session, where you did the past-life reading about my dad, was a major breakthrough and I know it has really healed my soul. You are amazing, Amy! I couldn’t have made this progress without you! This time, the past-life reading on my mom has been so good on a personal growth level as well as forcing me to reexamine many of my personal beliefs. I feel like I came up from a deep sea dive this morning! Wow! I just feel like I “get it”. I can tell I am going to be reviewing this one for a while, just like last time. You have helped me so much!
— P.B., Miami, FL (repeat client)

My daughter has been asking for another reading with you. You predicted she would meet her boyfriend, and the timeframe of meeting him and dating him too!
— J.Z., Ann Arbor, MI (repeat client)

Amy’s readings are spot-on. After some time had gone by, I listened to my recording of a previous session. Everything she’d said had come to pass. I saw her again recently, followed her guidance, and the struggles I was experiencing continue to fall away.
— L.B., Davison, MI (repeat client)

The last time you did a reading for me, I was really upset because the guy who I had been dating had just started to go cold and you mentioned that I would meet a guy that would be crazy about me. Well guess what? I finally met the guy! He actually stayed in the neighborhood where I grew up in about 50 years ago. So just wanted to give you a “thank you thank you” and to let you know what’s going on. Thanks!
— E.P., Detroit, MI (repeat client)

I just wanted to let you know that I received a job offer to work at the University in Florida. You were right in the channeling message you gave me earlier this year. Thank you so much for all your guidance!!
— L.U.V., Ann Arbor, MI (repeat client)

I am sooooooooooo happy!  Everything you said confirmed all that my Archangel Cards have been saying to me. Additionally, you gave the details that pointed me in the complete and right direction I should go.  Doesn’t get better than that…You are very good at what you do.
— S.B., Lansing, MI (new client)

God, you are so accurate it cracks me up! — S.W., Pleasanton, CA (repeat client)

I want you to know that your reading and the gift of the pendulum have really changed my life. I know I wrote you that I’m feeling better, but that is an understatement. I have experienced a quantum leap vibrationally. I am able to communicate with my soul using the pendulum and it’s a conversation I’ve been needing to have. My life has taken a profoundly radical turn into a primarily spiritual view of reality and yet my physical life feels quite grounded — and, needless to say, I am manifesting a much better configuration. Thank you so much Amy! :)
— A.G., Ann Arbor, MI (repeat client)

Yesterday’s reading was an amazing experience for me! So many questions answered and blanks filled in for me. I felt sort of out of my body for the rest of the day — hard to explain. I will keep you posted! Thank you so much. Much love!
— Jeanette M., Brighton, MI (new client)

Thank you so much for the amazing reading! The insight you provided was extremely helpful and I feel more confident moving forward in life. I left feeling great peace within.
— Laura McCurdy, Dexter, MI (repeat client)

I was thrilled to have a reading with Amy, and when it was finished, I knew that I had chosen the right person. Amy is gentle, has a sense of humor, and explains things well. She helped me to heal and the “homework” assignment was terrific. I am already looking forward to my next visit.
— L.B., Ann Arbor, MI (new client)

Thanks so much for the reading the other night. You gave life guidance to my soul!
— C.R., Ann Arbor, MI (new client)

Thank you!! I feel so much better. You gave me great ideas and a plan now :) I feel so grateful that you took time to help me when you are in the middle of organizing your fair! I will keep you posted.
— Joy Aleccia, Ann Arbor, MI (repeat client)

A few months back, you gave me a really great reading that has helped me a lot and been eerily accurate. Your snapshot vision was of me in a kayak cutting through the water very purposely and gracefully; that I had a partner behind me that was moving in tandem and the buoys in the water were my guideposts…Now I’d like to schedule a joint reading for me and another person to explore what our past lives were together.
— Cassandra, Ann Arbor, MI (repeat client)

Thanks for the reading tonight. Everything you said was spot-on! You are awesome and an incredible channel.
— T.J., Chicago, IL  (repeat client)

This is fantastic! I looovvvee having my reading emailed rather than spoken… I will read it and reread it and reread it. You know, before I told you that the only other channel I’d experienced that compared to how you flow was Esther Hicks… but you know what, you’re even better… because you are channeling MY guides, not Esther’s.. Whoa… All I can say is “whoa”!
— Kriya G., Boulder, CO (repeat client)

I think we found our new home!! I think the visual you had overlooking the city in a valley is about the neighborhood where I will be living, which makes me think this house will happen. So far so good. You were very accurate in your reading. Also I listened to the CD of the other reading that you did for me 18 or so months ago. It is amazing to see how timely this was for me.
— A.R., Kansas City, MO (repeat client)

The reading I received from Amy Garber was inspiring, informative, and a directive for the rest of my life. My health was explored with suggestions for nutritional wellness; my loved ones were contacted, giving me love and peace. Some of my past life information came through as well. I was given instruction as to how to bring forth my soulmate as well as a timeline. Very personal issues came up of which I received instruction and information. This was by far the most detailed, comprehensive, astounding and inspirational reading I have ever received. Thank you, Amy, for being a channel and a validation to those who seek spiritual guidance. You have helped me greatly.
— P.M., Ann Arbor, MI  (repeat client)

Amy’s readings can lead to a fuller realization of Self. My dad was slowly dying and losing his faculties over a four-year period, and I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t transitioning faster. Amy gave me information that led to healing my codependent relationship with him. My dad entered hospice a week after this resolution. I now realize my dad stayed around long enough to help me become whole.
— Lorri Coburn, Manchester, MI  (repeat client)

The reading and the email follow-up were very, very enlightening. I will read this at the times I feel the worst, to help me remember this is all learning and a process — and I will continue to move through and grow. Thank you again so much.
— E.M., Ann Arbor, MI (repeat client)

Amy is absolutely amazing. She is grounded, genuine, caring, and talented!  She connects directly with her and your guides/angels. This not only allows for an powerful reading, but it also enables you to get further information and/or ask questions. My reading taught me a lot and helped me to release some worries and fears I had. It was an incredible gift to me.
— Shelly B., Ann Arbor, MI (new client)

Amy has done numerous readings for me over the years.  I found them to be accurate; for example, she said the guides commented on my tremendous sense of gratitude, and that is indeed true.  The sessions are very enjoyable, as I get good information and guidance, am able to ask questions, and get immediate answers. The sessions have been very uplifting and insightful and I will continue to get readings from Amy, as I feel the information she imparts is important to my life.
— Susan W., San Francisco, CA (repeat client)

I’ve received two readings from Amy. One thing I really appreciate about Amy is the warm, positive style of readings she provides. Amy is happy to explain any questions her clients may have before the reading, and she frequently checks in with you to make sure everything is making sense. Amy’s readings are also very accurate. She would receive messages about things that were going on that she didn’t even know about, and then would be able to get messages on how to solve any issues I was having in those areas. Overall, her funny, reassuring manner are a joy to be with and are a great asset to the incredibly accurate messages she is able to receive and pass on. I would recommend her to any of my friends or family.
— Jessica B., Kansas City, MO (repeat client)

I have known Amy for nearly 20 years.  She has been a student of mine, but now I consider her a colleague.  Her ability to blot out distractions from the conscious mind and access information from the collective unconscious and universal consciousness is superb.  She is a true professional.  Should I ever need clarity from an intuitive, Amy Garber would be my first phone call.
— Rev. Edward Jones, C.Ht., Spiritual Director, The Center of Light Spirituality Center, Oxford, MI

Thank you again for taking so much time with me! You are truly a loving soul.
— Diane B., Royal Oak, MI (new client)

I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me the other day. I really do appreciate it. I also wanted to let you know that I left there feeling like a million —  no, I felt priceless! I feel now that I will be able to fulfill so much with your insight. Again, thank you!
— V.M., Dundee, MI (repeat client)

Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful connections to my spirit guides and grandparents! This is really helping me move forward on the path.
— Laurel B., Ann Arbor, MI (new client)

Thank you so much for your reading, you brought me comfort and peace and joy. Please keep me and my granddaughter in your prayers.
— Sandy K., Brighton, MI (new client)

Thank you, Amy, for putting my mind at ease about my wedding and my family!
— Heather D. (new client)

Thank you!!! You were 100% correct in your reading — you were right on target all the way. Thanks for your help.
— Patti D. (new client)

Thank you for a wonderful reading! You really shed some light on some key areas of my life, and the past lives that came up were very telling. I hope to see you again soon!
— Lindsay B.  (repeat client)