My name is Amy Garber and I am an intuitive! I’ve been serving the public with channeled readings since 2001, after doing readings for family and friends since 1992. It’s my privilege for you to share your life with me, to receive guidance on your journey!

I lovingly invite you to connect with me for your questions on:

  • relationships
  • house-hunting and relocation
  • career
  • life path and patterns
  • enhancing abundance (financial and other prosperity)
  • soul’s mission and purpose
  • past lives
  • health, healing, and medical intuition
  • how to connect to your own intuition (and TRUST it!)
  • getting in touch with your spirit guides and angels
  • spiritual growth

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I co-founded and run a group called “Intuitives Interactive” for intuitives, adult indigos, empaths, and other lightworkers who wish to share, practice, and learn with other like-minded individuals. The group meets on the first and third Sundays of the month in Ann Arbor from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. We welcome people of all abilities and those who are just curious about intuition and other metaphysical topics! More information about the group ‘s activities can be found at Meetup.com, Facebook, or intuitivesinteractive.com.

AMY in the MEDIA

Published articles, guest blogs, and broadcast appearances!

AS SEEN ON HGTV’s “House Hunters” show!    Househunters_logo

Househunters-HouseI was chosen by Crazy Wisdom Bookstore to give a reading to the young woman who was house-hunting during a taping of the HGTV show “House Hunters” in Ann Arbor in summer 2012. Here’s what I remembered from the reading, which I emailed to friends in March 2013 when the air date of this show was announced (before I saw the show on April 8, 2013): “I saw a house on the Old West Side that would be different from the other houses on the street, small and older…I can still see it in my mind. It was dark brown and beige outside, a big covered front porch, and it also had an upper room with slanted ceilings like an A-frame does…” Here is a photo of the house as described, taken from the video of the show. The episode is periodically broadcast on HGTV; a shorter clip is archived on the HGTV website (but doesn’t include my appearance).