About Amy

photo by Emily Belanger

I am an intuitive and conscious channel who aids you on your path by consulting with your Higher Self and soul, your spirit guides, and your angels; illuminating past lives; imparting intuitive medical information; and connecting with the souls and guides of others in your life, to get you the information you need — for the highest good of all concerned.

Clients may receive exercises (“homework”) to aid them with their life lessons and to practice accessing their own guidance.

“There are no coincidences, we are never alone, and we are always loved” — this message underlies every reading.

I am pleased to share that in December 2016, I was ordained by energy transfer from Rev. Daniel Chesbro of the Sanctuary of the Beloved into the Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek. Rev. Chesbro states, “Each person who is moved to make this step has been prepared through lifetimes and was born already having made the decision to become a Priest…The order is coming into the physical form now because of the Earth transformation that is taking place. It last came into being in preparation for the coming of Christ.” There are several other Orders of Melchizedek, as often happens in the collective consciousness with an idea whose time has come.

I became an active student of metaphysics in 1993, studying with Spiritualist ministers Rev. Shala Kilmer, Revs. Edward and Annette Jones, and Rev. Ken Nowaciewski, among others, and I have been influenced by many traditions since. I am a founding member of the Center of Light Spirituality Center (formerly in Oxford, MI). I went on to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth in Ann Arbor. Most recently, I was a reader at the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room in Ann Arbor.

I am a Reiki Master as well as a practitioner of Rahanni Celestial Healing (Pink Ray 5th-Dimensional Energy Healing for the New Age). In 2015, I took Tina Zion’s weekend workshop and advanced class in Medical Intuition. Later, I trained with Constance Joy Hart (who was trained by Denise Linn) to give regressions for Past-Life Healing and became certified to perform Personal Clearings & Space Clearings by Diana Burney of Earth Release.

In January 2012, I co-founded a group called Intuitives Interactive for intuitives, adult indigos, empaths, and other lightworkers who wish to share, practice, and learn with other like-minded individuals. The group meets on the first and third Sundays of the month in Ann Arbor from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. We welcome people of all abilities and those who are just curious about intuition and other metaphysical topics! More information about the group ‘s activities can be found at Meetup.com, Facebook, or intuitivesinteractive.com.

In summer 2012, I was chosen by Crazy Wisdom Bookstore to give a reading to the young woman who was house-hunting during a taping of the HGTV show “House Hunters” in Ann Arbor. I accurately described the house in detail that she would ultimately choose, and this was confirmed when the show aired on April 8, 2013. Since then, geographical relocation information and house-hunting hints have become one of my specialties!

In summer 2013, the Intuitives Interactive group hosted its first psychic fair, and as its popularity expanded, the fairs grew to be the largest event of its type in Michigan! We now host the Intuitives Interactive Holistic & Psychic Expo in the spring and fall each year. Learn more at: holisticpsychicexpo.com or Facebook.

In spring 2016, I co-founded the Enlightened Soul Center for the Holistic & Intuitive Arts, which hosts groups, classes, & workshops on metaphysical topics and offers sessions with readers of various types, as well as with practitioners of holistic healing modalities. We also provide rental space to like-minded practitioners and community or private events. Find out more at: enlightenedsoulcenter.com or Facebook.

Readings, space clearings & personal clearings, and past-life regressions with me are by appointment on afternoons, evenings, or weekends in Ann Arbor. These can be in person or by phone. Call or text 734-358-0218 or email metafizzy@gmail.com to arrange for a reading for individuals, couples or pairs, groups, and parties.